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Energy sector conference

A summary of Salford Professional Development's future of the energy sector conference. Speakers included the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, Siemens and the CCSA. Click here to download.

May 2014

201404 Energy trends.pdf

Energy in 2013

An analysis of the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s energy trends statistics, comparing energy in 2013 to that in 2012. This includes gas, electricity and renewables. Click here to download.

April 2014

201405 Energy conf.pdf

Renewable energy in 2013

A summary of the UK’s progress against the EU renewable energy target using provisional energy figures for 2013. Will the next interim target across 2013 and 2014 be achieved? Click here to download.

July 2014

201407 Renewable energy 2013.pdf

DUKES 2014

A summary of DECC’s annual digest of energy supply and demand in 2013. Renewables capacity continues to displace thermal generation. Click here to download.

August 2014

201408 Energy in 2013.pdf