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Renewable energy policy

Given the ever changing renewable energy policy in the UK, we can provide organisations with advice on how proposals may impact them.

We can provide investors, for example, with the information they require to assist in corporate decision making.


We can provide tailored energy analytics services to meet client needs.

ROC holders

Ofgem provides very detailed information at a generation site level as to the current holder of ROCs for each month of generation. We can summarise this information to provide valuable market information on supplier and generator ROC positions.

Onsite generation

For large organisations looking to install their own onsite generation we can provide financial analysis and cost implications based on government renewables policy, as well as project management capabilities.

For smaller businesses looking to install onsite generation we can carry out feasibility studies, provide project management services both before and after installation, and provide advice on the government’s small-scale Feed-In Tariff (FIT) support scheme.

Other Services